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EN RFID-tillverkares försvarstal

April 4th, 2008 by Joachim Strömbergson Leave a reply »

Läste en del artiklar om Python i går kväll. En av dessa var en artikel från 2004 kallad RFID Product Development With Python från nättidningen Py.

Det huvudsakliga innehÃ¥llet i artikeln – hur man utvecklar RFID-produkter med Python var relativt ointressant, det mest intressanta var hur man enkelt pratar med seriellt anslutna enheter och bygger upp ett API för att prata med en RFID-läsare.

Men det som fick mig att reagera var den dryga sidan långa harangen om RFID, säkerhet och integritet, en harang som inleds med:

There have been many articles published recentlydiscussing the privacy implications of RFID. Most of them are overhyped and inaccurate, to such a degree that one could conclude that some articles are FUD from other identification industries, which see RFID as a threat.

Några av argumenten som förs fram är:

The RFID industry as a whole is extremely fragmented, with many different frequencies, tag types and low-level protocols, which makes large-scale tag reading in a public space near to impossible. Even with a single, widely used tag, each market stores data on the tag in its own format, making multi-supplier analysis of a user through RFID difficult.
There is also the issue of read range. Apart from powered tags, which are commonly used in cars for freeway tolls, RFID tags must get enough powering field from the reader to make them function. Most tags have a range limit of under a meter, because human RF exposure laws limit the power of the transmitters.

So the idea of scanning people as they walk along the street is a little fanciful. There are no doubt scenarios where it would be possible, but there are very definite technical limits as to range.

Slutklämmen tycker jag är speciellt fin:

Big Brother already knows what you are doing. If you don’t want him to know, you can take steps to limit the information that is being recorded about you. You would take the same steps in an RFID information tracking environment.

This technology does not make possible any significant increase in invasion of privacy beyond what already exists.

SÃ¥ ligger det till, bara sÃ¥ du vet. Jösses…

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